As I read a lot of books, I regularly get asked for book recommendations from people, inside our team and out, so here are my top 15 business or personal development book recommendations. Everyone has had a significant impact on my approach to life, and I am sure they will for you too.

1. ‘They Ask You Answer’, by Marcus Sheridan

2. ‘The 5AM Club’, by Robin Sharma

3. ‘Delivering Happiness’, by Tony Hseih

4. ‘Traction’, by Gino Wickman

5. ‘Awaken the Giant Within’, by Tony Robbins

6. ‘Blackbox Thinking’, by Matthew Syed

7. ‘The Entrepreneur Revolution’, by Daniel Priestly

8. ‘The Rational Optimist’, by Matt Ridley

9. ‘Influence’, by Dr Robert Cialdini

10. ‘The Lean Start-up’, by Eric Ries

11. ‘The E-Myth Revisited’, Michael Gerber

12. ‘Thrive’, by Arianna Huffington

13. ‘Bounce’, by Matthew Syed

14. ‘Mans Search for Meaning’, by Viktor E. Frankl

15. ‘Steve Jobs’, by Walter Isaacs

If you have read all of these, and want more recommendations, feel free to email me at I encourage you to devour all of these and more, and to get your team doing the same. As long as you take action with what you read, it will transform your business.  After all, ‘growth’ is one of our human needs, and if you are not growing you are drying. To put it another way, in the words of Ray Kroc, ‘When you are green you are growing, when you are ripe you rot!’

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