Successful Business Scorecard

As a business owner or manager, are you confident that you have your finger on the pulse of all aspects of your company? Most businesses have many components that need to be tracked and monitored, for example costs, number of leads, revenue, and production speeds.

Keeping abreast of all of this data can be time consuming and confusing. The Sound Business Scorecard aims to eliminate these obstacles and give you a clear one-stop overview of your business, so you can clearly and accurately see what’s working, what needs attention and where your focus for that week, month or year would be best placed.

Successful Business Scorecard


As someone that advises business owners I see first-hand how my clients need to generate more revenue, gain a better work life balance and enjoy their business more. As a result, the principles that Charlie teaches are incredibly powerful and have helped both me and my clients.
Philip Daulby
Growing a business is difficult but doing so without giving up the elements of our lives that are most important can be even more challenging. What Charlie teaches is a must if you want to improve that balance.
Kally Singh
After implementing Charlie's secrets to create a better business and personal life for myself, I know that he will show you how to improve your life as a business owner too.
Steve Sherriff
Business Owner, SLS Business Solutions

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