The Life Legacy Gift


Life only has context and meaning because of death. But the Life Legacy Gift isn’t just about your demise; it it’s actually about making the most of life, both now and for generations to come.

The ultimate eventually of death is something all of us must face, yet few of us feel equipped to talk about. There are many considerations to make, ranging from the practicalities and administration following someone’s passing, through to leaving a legacy, both in a financial and in a more emotional sense. But where should you start?

Split into 3 easily digestible sections, The Life Legacy Gift aims to help you create a better future for your family and an enriching life for yourself. Whilst the end of your life is a delicate and of course upsetting prospect, understanding how to make that time as painless as possible for you and your loved ones is crucial, so this book sets out to help you successfully plan and manage how to pass on your legacy, whilst achieving the happy balance of enjoying your life in the here and now.

This book is a way of inspiring you, so that you can consider how to give your life the meaning it deserves, as well as ensuring that you live on beyond your death. It is about leaving a legacy: a gift to those people you care most about.


You are looking to provide a lasting financial legacy for your loved ones.
You want to learn how to protect your estate from threats such as Inheritance Tax and divorce.
You want to ensure that you live the happiest and most fulfilled life as possible and can leave an emotional legacy.
You want to understand how to make the loss of a loved one as painless as possible whilst meeting all of your legal and administrative duties.

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